Let Them Eat Cheese

Most peoples’ idea of a treat often involves something sweet. Me? I have a long-standing love affair with cheese. I’ll eat it for breakfast, dessert, or just because there happens to be some in the fridge. Of course I have my favourites (the stinkier the better), but I don’t discriminate. Smoked, aged, mild or sharp – all are friends of mine. Fromage is my vice. So needless to say, the first time I saw a wedding cake crafted entirely of cheese, my mind was blown.


If you’re like me and crave savoury treats, why not skip the sweet stuff and make a bold statement with a cheese cake at your wedding? Not only will it serve as a unique statement piece, but this trendy option is also a surprisingly practical one. It’s no surprise that large portions of wedding cakes ofen go uneaten. Opting for this cheesy alternative can help minimize the risk of having excess leftovers go to waste. Most varieties of cheese have much longer shelf lives than cake, meaning you can take home the leftovers to enjoy long after your wedding – score!


There are multiple options for how you can have a cheese cake served up at your wedding. You don’t necessarily have to cut the cheese after dinner (no pun intended). Rather, it can be arranged into a spread and paired with wine for your guests to enjoy during the cocktail hour and then featured again as a post-meal indulgence paired with fruits, nuts or preserves.


Going this savoury route also doesn’t mean your guests’ sweet teeth have to go unsatisfied. Your guests can tailor their cheese to suit their taste buds. Those looking to top off their meal with something sweet can complement their cheese selection with a drizzle of honey, while those craving bold flavour can opt for a slice of rich dark chocolate.


What do you think of the cheese cake trend? Would you feature one at your wedding?

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