I Now Pronounce You…Photobombed

This picture is worth a thousand words, a few thousand re-tweets, and undoubtedly a good laugh.

Verena and Michael, a newlywed couple from Germany, wanted an iconic New York City street photo to commemorate their big day. Thousands of newlywed couples flock to NYC’s Time Square each year to capture similar shots in the midst of the bustling city – but this one stands out from the bunch. As the couple assumed their positions for the shot, Actor Zach Braff happened to be passing by and paused to say cheese. The result: perhaps the most adorable wedding photobomb of all time.

So without further ado, I present you with The Mr. & Mrs…..and Zach.


The photobomb went unnoticed until photographer Sascha Reinking was editing the images later on. He took to Facebook and Twitter to unveil the shot and confirm that Braff was the culprit – and in fact, he was. You can read the full story behind the photo on Reinking’s Blog.


The Scrubs star and Photobomber Extraordinare is also credited with this masterpiece from the red carpet.


Have you ever been photobombed? Share your stories with us below!


2 thoughts on “I Now Pronounce You…Photobombed

  1. Nope, I don’t photo bomb. My brother had a spree while we were taking scenic pictures in China though. Annoying at the moment, but hilarious once we got back home and look through the pics.

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