So, You’re Engaged! Now What?




Although it’s one of the most exciting times, we know being newly engaged comes with many questions. Where do you start?!

Do you begin drafting the guest list? Populating your pinterest boards? Interviewing wedding planners? And what about the dress?!  Before you kick into planning overdrive, here are 4 tips to help you ease in to the planning process one step at a time.

1. Sit back and take some time to enjoy it!

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the excitement after saying, “YES!” But before you dive straight into picking a date, sifting through colour palettes and trying on dresses, take a step back to enjoy yourself! There’s plenty of time to worry about all of the planning details and logistics so take the time right after your engagement to let it all sink in, announce the news to your friends and family, and remember what being engaged is really all about!

2. Polish ‘em Up!

Once you announce your exciting news, everyone will inevitably by vying for a glimpse of the ring. Don’t let raggedy nails take the attention off your sparkly new friend! Treat yourself to a manicure to make sure your nails look just as polished as your ring. Lauren Conrad’s blog gives some great tips on how to do a DIY manicure at home.

3. Talk Finances

Once you’ve taken some time to let the excitement set in, sit down with your fiancé to have a discussion about your financial plans for the wedding. Consider not only the expenses you’ll incur for the wedding day, but also any events leading up to the wedding. Don’t assume that your families will be willing to support the wedding costs – make a point to see where they stand before you make any financial commitments or sign any contracts.  Come up with a final number that you are not willing to exceed and keep it in mind throughout all of your planning decisions.

4. Celebrate!

Now that you’ve announced your engagement, spent time admiring that ring (and fresh manicure) and set a budget, celebrate your engagement with your loved ones! Whether you decide to have a big bash or a small intimate party (remember to keep that budget in mind!) take the time to share the excitement with those around you and prepare for an exciting few months ahead!

Photo credit: “My Engagement Ring” by tarale is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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