Tip Tuesday: When Choosing your Menu

This week we got the chance to catch up with Ken Christofi from Hazelton Manor in Vaughan, ON. Ken guides hundreds of couples through the planning process each year and knows a thing or two about wedding do’s and don’ts.


 Hazelton Manor in Vaughan, ON

We asked ken to divulge his number one tip for couples gearing up to tie the knot. Ken says that one of the biggest mistakes couples make in the planning process is overdoing it on the food. Think about the volume of food you want to have at your wedding – is it really necessary to serve an antipasto buffet, 5 course meal, dessert, wedding cake, sweets buffet AND late night bites?

Take the guest in to consideration and think about how time consuming serving up all of those courses can be. Remember that while dinner is a necessary part of the evening, it shouldn’t serve as the focal point. Don’t lose focus of what the event is all about and remember it’s a celebration of life and new beginnings – don’t kill the time you have to celebrate with eating! You don’t want your guests to be tied up sitting at the dinner table all night – free up some of that time for mingling and dancing!  Sometimes less is more. A carefully thought out and streamlined menu can often be more satisfying to your guests than a massive buffet of options – and leaves more room in the budget for the dress!


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